We are a flamin’ hot stop for food lovers that enjoy an amazing cookout! We’ve taken our passion for cooking and delicious food to the next level. Officially opened Fall of 2015, The Cookout On Wheels offer a spectacular selection of backyard barbecue favorites from ribs & roasted potatoes to pig roasts & peach cobbler! Check out our Menu to see what we do. And stay tuned as the list grows!

We’re bringing our home cooking to you!

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Imagine this: Guy meets girl online. They date long-distance until girl finishes college. While watching TV together one night, they happened upon “The Great Food Truck Road Race” on The Food Network, and said to each other casually, “Ha! We could do that.” Then they thought, “Hey…we COULD do that.” They both enjoy whipping together meals en mass for their families on holidays and especially trying out new and flavorful ideas. So the wheels began to turn…

Tasha has years of front-of-house restaurant experience, while Steve has been cooking since he was a teen. Both have been in the family kitchen paying very close attention since before they could remember. Always the creative type, Tasha is outgoing; Steve is the strong, silent type. Together, they’re the perfect Yin and Yang.  After tons of parties were thrown for friends and families, they started getting requests to cater events for others, and that’s when “The Cookout” rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Rumor has it, those ashes were comprised of charcoal and applewood.


“One of my favorite meals to cook is lasagne because I love casseroles, tomato sauces, and well…CHEESE IS LIFE.”

—Tasha (aka ‘Cookie’)

“I like the technique of smoking ribs and pork. I enjoy traditional marinating methods and once the meat’s falling-off-the-bone ready, I enjoy watching how fast it disappears off people’s plates. OmmmNommNomm.”